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BII World

stems from over 100 years of a combined experience among our co-founders in the corporate education field. Unlike many corporate education providers, our leadership also includes decades of senior-level management and engineering experience at the world’s leading firms in finance, oil & gas, infrastructure, renewables, technology and research.

In today’s environment of disruptive technologies, new trends in finance, energy and international trade coupled with major geopolitical uncertainties and demographic challenges businesses from MNCs to SMEs must be ever more agile and forward-looking.

Undoubtedly, innovation technologies such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence bring significant opportunities but also great challenges, which could affect an organization’s productivity, competitiveness and bottom line.

We at BII World work around the clock with thought leaders, academics, research centres and senior executives in strategic industries from across the globe to design and deliver business education solutions that truly add value.

Our Vision

To make BII a dynamic, globally recognised and value-based learning organisation surrounding exceptionally skilled, motivated and dedicated professionals. We strive to facilitate a seamless transformation of our participants to outstanding performers with an aim to change the way the world does business. 

Our Mission

To educate, enhance and empower our clients worldwide in their professional competitiveness, ingenuity and performance through innovation and excellence in every endeavour.

Who we are?

We are a premium global conferences and trainings provider, leading top-notch corporate events across a wide range of industries. We provide professional skill development and networking for corporate and governmental organisations with an aim to bring innovation and development to businesses.

We believe in bringing value through novel programmes which offer unique opportunities for participants. We encourage knowledge sharing and learning about the cutting-edge developments in technology and innovation.

Our core team is inventive, creative and customer-focused; curating industry-specific content in each programme to create a culture of excellence in the invention.


We offer exceptional conferences, training programmes, and workshops across industries, designed to engage learners at an organisational, team or personal level.

Understanding each facet of an event life-cycle, coupled with innovative solutions delivered using cutting-edge technology, BII is passionate about bringing innovation to businesses. We work with globally recognised associations, government organisations and corporate clients to bring you an exceptional team of people who make the experience a pleasure.

We support our clients at every stage of their learning cycle. Utilising our expertise, we identify and instigate the solutions that will help them transform their skills, knowledge and performance within an organisation.













"Educational exchange can turn nations into people, contributing as no other form of communication can to the
humanizing of international relation." ~J. Willium Fullbright


BII World is a leading provider of corporate training and development solutions focused on Finance, Technology and Process Engineering. BII World is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Book an appointment with us to discuss how we can best help you with our current products or bespoke solutions.


BII World FZCO – Pursues twofold mandate. It caters to clients across different sectors in the MENA region and develops specialized training solutions focused on Energy & Power sectors for clients globally.


GIQC India Private Limited is our support services centre based out of Bangalore, India and caters to the entities in London and Dubai for all back end, operations and logistical requirements. 

Global Experience and Presence

We commit to delivering the best of services to those who partner with us.

Global Experience

Why Us?

We bring you opportunities to create meaningful relationships with like-minded professionals. We offer unique networking environments to elevate your experience in each of our events.

Having a significant presence in each industry and geographical market, our events influence the latest insights to ensure they stay relevant and functional in today's business ecosystem. Our events represent the leading innovators in their respective fields, with a thirst for knowledge and a willingness to share both their success and failures. We focus on the real-world examples of business developments and strategies at work in today's most progressive businesses.

With the industry-specific curated content; our programmes are designed to attract the right mix of experts, regulators, academia and solution providers which open opportunities for networking. We deliver an ultimate meeting point for modern decision makers to build long-lasting relationships.

We ensure all our events are developed in multiple languages and showcase best practices on both a global and local level. Our years of experience in the corporate events industry ensures we are well-connected with the local experts across the Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas; providing our associates with unparalleled access to key industry decision makers and developments anywhere in the world.

Our market presence across all continents ensures we have the wide-ranging practical knowledge required to deliver exceptional events to the most demanding customers. Our premium events are hosted across the most accessible global business locations in the best venues available to bring an overall experience to our attendees.