At BII, we offer a broad spectrum of trainings to respond to the many demands and challenges in various industries with a global perspective. We work hard to develop and deliver powerful niche training programmes that incorporate group exercises, self-assessment and the latest learning practices to imprint knowledge for lasting results.

Inspired by recognised industry experts and based on comprehensive global experiences, we develop our own trainings and methods. Our programmes are designed to develop an understanding based on practical and insightful practices that can be applied in the workplace. Through our insightful learning modules, we encourage our attendees to bring with them real-time scenarios from work that can be consulted with our experts, or discussed with the group at large.

Upcoming Trainings


BII maintains a robust choice of proficient trainers who will always provide a thought-provoking learning experience for you and your team. We sought and retain subject matter experts and specialist consultants to work with our client professionals.

Well-Known industry experts, our trainers bring highly interactive sessions that combine small-group exercise, self-assessment, and the latest learning practices that can help you further develop the skills and competencies you need to keep making a difference for your organisation.

Our trainers have the business understanding and approach that will connect.


  • We bring a wide variety of learning experiences in each training program.
  • We integrate content with your business and training goals.
  • We keep abreast on trends and developments across industries.
  • We’re committed to delivering the very best in training by top-notch trainers–to get you the business results you need to achieve.
  • Whether you're looking to grow leaders and teams, bring innovation or drive communication, our trainers will deliver!


We deliver trainings tailored to your needs and help you develop skills and build expertise in your field whenever and wherever you need it. We also advise you on which training scheme to adapt to meet your specific needs and preferences. If you have a group of six or more, then we can design a bespoke programme to meet your business needs, including a session’s pack with samples, mock-ups, user-driven content and custom case studies to suit your business objectives. Together we can tailor a format that will fit your needs perfectly!

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