Rising asset capital cost and complexity have resulted in a surge in operational and financial risk, such as the consequences of catastrophic failure. This has intensified pressure from shareholders and regulatory bodies to improve asset lifecycle costing and reporting. Companies have begun to think more strategically about their assets, demand for a more integrated approach has steadily increased. Fortunately,by following Whole of life-cycle cost (WLCC) approach, you can better manage your assets for long-term business competitiveness. This starts with a clearly defined business need for the asset and associated care systems, all the way from design through to decommissioning.

This training focuses on delivering a comprehensive understanding of whole of life-cycle cost (WLCC) of asset ownership through predictive life-cycle cost of ownership modelling. It also addresses the fact that cost is a component of the Whole of Life-Cycle “performance” of physical assets because, asset performance over the life-cycle involves other dimensions that need to be considered and taken into account. These will be catalogued and evaluated in determining how to effectively account for non-financial elements in the decision making process with specific regard to how today’s asset related decisions may impact future organisational risk profiles.

Trainer Profile

He is a professionally Certified Mechanical Engineer also carrying post graduate qualifications in Leadership and Asset Management. He offers extensive experience in leading service delivery, operations andmaintenance activities and optimising asset contribution to business outcomes in large multi-facetted infrastructure and asset intensive businesses. Optimising asset performance has always been his focus and he has been able to apply this inleading operations and asset management onmulti-billion dollar projects.

He has led small specialised technical teams as well as large operational teams. He considers leadership as acritical operational and business success factor. His focus on optimising asset contribution to levels of service is born out of experience and single-point accountability based on integrating asset performance with business drivers and facilitating informed decision making.

Course Key Takeaways

The ability to generate optioneering models demonstrating the balance between capital intensity and operational performance taking account of possible future business specific dynamics and facilitating the application of multifarious and potentially diverse assumptions relating to potential political, economic, social, technical, legal and environmental influences on future business outcomes.

The ability to develop and apply predictive modelling techniques in evaluating potential future business outcomes of asset acquisition decisions made in today’s world based on possible future scenarios.

The process and techniques can be applied in evaluating new capital investment alternatives as well as sustaining capital alternatives.

Provides decision makers with a verifiable and informed process for investment and business decision making as well as providing robust means of engaging options considered through that process.

Who should Attend?

VP/ Director/ Manager/ Supervisor/ Expert/ of

  • Asset Management - Manager/ Operations Manager/ Planning Manager/ Health Specialists/ Maintenance Specialists/ Services Manager/ Management Consultant/ Principal Asset Management Specialist/ Health Specialist
  • Maintenance and Reliability - Managers/ Superitendents/ Planners/ Consultants/ Reliability Managers
  • Finance - Cost Controllers/ Cost Estimation Manager/ Cost Accountants/ Management Accountants/ Capital investment and 'Sustaining Capital' decision makers
  • Operations - Plant Managers/ Operation Managers/ Production Managers/ Project Managers/ Operation Excellence Managers
  • C-level Management - CEOs/ CFOs/ COOs/ VPs/ Directors


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